Monday, January 7, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back

Product Review- Ruffwear’s Cloud Chaser Soft Shell Jacket

Yup, that’s right technical dog outerwear that is bringing sexy back. Don’t scoff right away at this $75 Cloud Chaser Soft Shell by Ruffwear for your outdoor dog. I too, originally thought the price tag was far too high for a dog jacket. I mean come on right? The truth is, if you have an active short haired dog, like our hound/ German Short Haired Pointer mix, weather around or under the 20 degree mark really puts a hamper on their outdoor fun. Misty shivers in this type of weather even when jogging. The thought of leaving her behind when she could be running, sniffing, and gallivanting up the mountain with us is just not part of the equation.

Misty running

Misty Looking over Squam

Instead she gets to look slick, sexy and athletic in this snug fitting weather resistant soft shell. She has relentlessly tested it in the truest of elements- climbing in the White Mountains, running in rain, daily walks through Nor’easters. She has stayed dried underneath thanks to the DWR (Durable Water Repellency—can you believe it is now available in dog jackets?) and it seems to provide just the right amount of warmth for running and hiking in temperatures in the teens. The inside of the jacket is a soft brushed fleece like material, that keeps her warm without bulk- so she can still feel a good scratch and rub on her back.

Misty Running 3

I believe she should actually be in a smaller size because the jacket is a bit long for her with extra room in the chest area, but she manages just fine in this. The jacket is fairly easy to get on, but takes a moment longer than your typically clip around jacket as this piece actually has “sleeves” for front arms and a side zip. So while it does require a little bit more patience, it is completely do-able considering that when you are sliding this type of jacket on your dog you plan to be in the elements for a while.


Another nice feature of this jacket is that it has two side stripes on that are actually reflective as you can see from the flash in the photos. So winterize your pup in this excellent technical jacket that will make them look-oh so sexy. Just don't let them wander off too far on their own, because they might just go home with somebody else!

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