Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mountain Bike Race Report

First race of the season

14 miles

varied terrain

second place

very tired

considering actually training for events

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Have a fun weekend

You know where we'll be ....

Camping Gear

Consider this

Ever consider howling like a wolf in the great north woods of Maine and listening for what may howl back? Can't say that I have either, but I am now seriously considering it. Check it out here.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Treehouse Favorites

1. August 2008 Tyler Arboretum treehouses (15), 2. Treehouses, 3. Bea and Mama treehouse, 4. treehouse_221208_012, 5. Path to get to the treehouse, 6. Treehouse 02

Dreaming of spending the night in a treehouse. This place is on my list.

Lobster Crate Racing

Something I've always wanted to try, but it always falls on the same weekend of just about everything else.

Tinfoil Cooking

Does the thought of cooking up some delicious, smoky potatoes at camp, without major clean up sound like fun to you? It does to us and we've tried a handful of tinfoil cooked foods out to share with you.

Tinfoil Food

One of our favorites is a simple potato and onion mix. Cut both up into good sized chunks and season to your liking. (check out this camping tip for easy packing of seasonings). Also, don't forget the butter! It keeps the potatoes from sticking too much.

I also tried this recipe out from Jamie Oliver's site. I have to admit, I'm not sure when the last time I ate a beet was, but his picture looked so appetizing I thought I would give it a whirl.

Tin Foil Beets

So here is the basics on cooking anything really in tin foil:

1. Build a hot fire with good sized logs.
2. Let the fire burn down until there are only coals left. You don't want any flames still.
3. Double wrap your food in tinfoil.
4. Keep all food packets the same size. For instance, one potato and some onion chunks per packet).
5. Cook until finished--keeping in mind this is slow cooking. I find one potato packet cooks in about 45 min. to one hour, but this depends on how hot the coals are etc.

Tinfoil Cooking

Another site with some easy tinfoil recipes here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

North American Wife Carrying Championship

I've been trying to convince my boyfriend that he should give up cold beers and fries, and kick it into high gear for the North American Wife Carrying Championship. The event looks stellar as the prize is the wife's weight in beer.

I love biking

I love biking

Fun bike events on my list of must tries (already signed up for Vermont 50!)

Mud Hog Race

A muddy trail event that marries mountain biking and trail running with a giant mud pit at the end. Even better- this race is run in pairs so that you have a partner in grime.

San Juan Mountain Bike Hut to Hut

Beginning in Telluride, CO, meandering through the San Juan Mountains, and ending in Moab Utah, this Hut- to- Hut mountain biking trip looks like the ideal treat for someone who spends far too many days staring out the windows of the MBTA.

Mount Washington Auto Road Hillclimb

While grinding 7.6 miles up the largest peak on the East Coast may not sound like fun to everyone, it still making my must try list. For one reason, it attracts world class riders from around the world and the race takes place in my home state of New Hampshire.

Vermont 50

Hundred of riders flock to the Green Mountain State to try this trail marathon. I've never ridden 50 miles on a mountain bike before, but I've got some time to prepare. Updates in the fall.

San Fransisco Tweed Ride

I first discovered this event on this great flickr feed. The gist is- look dapper in your tweed and toodle around the city. Can't it get better than that? Themed biking events are big on my must try list.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saving my Life

I've struggled with brewing a good cup of camp coffee for years. I've heard of the cowboy coffee method (no thanks!) and I've carried the plastic coffee holder over a cup with my hands (ouch!), but I think I may have found my newest, most favoritest camping equipment. The GSI Java Drip.

Saving My Life

I've used it car camping and loved it. I'm also thinking that I just take that handy silicone top and place it over a smaller, lightweight cup and it would be perfect for my upcoming ladies cycling trip.

Saving My Life

Also, that black cloth filter is reusable. How great is that?

Camping Tip #1

Bring Spices.

Sure you could get a fancy camping spice holder or you could resort to the simple ziploc plastic baggy method, but this method has never let me down.

Camping Spices

Friday, May 8, 2009