Monday, June 7, 2010

Poison Ivy

It started with my boyfriend's face. Then it went to my foot. Between the toes to be specific. I've tried Zanfel- the best thing to come out of the over-the-counter meds in a long time- but alas the itch persists.

Seriously though- Zanfel has knocked out 9 of the last 10 cases of poison ivy to afflict our household. I must have either gotten a direct hit by the three leaf beast or maybe I have poison oak. The FAQs of Zanfel say that poison oak often requires a few washes.

In case you were wondering- which I know you were- what is my history with poison ivy? Well I've provided you a synopsis here:
  • 10 years old I get a serious, huge case of poison ivy on my hands, up my arms, and on my face.
  • I get chicken pox one week later. Now I have chicken pox and poison ivy.
  • Then just as the chicken pox clears up, I recatch the poison ivy. Now I have poison ivy, chicken pox, and poison ivy.
  • 12 years old. I get poison ivy between my toes. Huge. Gigantically between my toes. Can't walk. Requires meds as I can't walk for close to 2 weeks.
  • Unfortunately for most of my life the only remedy for poison ivy is Calamine lotion. That stuff works for shit. Sorry, but it does.
  • Anyway, you get the drift. For the next ten to twenty years I get poison ivy yearly or biyearly. Feet, legs, arms, face, palms of hands.
Ever notice when you get poison ivy you always have to play the "How the heck game?" How the heck did I get poison ivy between my toes? How the heck did I get it on the palms of my hands? If you have dogs they're probably the ones to blame. At least I do.

What about you? Worse case of poison ivy? Know how you got it?

Weekend Report

This weekend was spent re-cooperating from a busy bunch of weeks. Too bad the first weekend I had truly off ended up being a mix of severe thunderstorms and rain. In between lightening we managed to sneak in a few walks in the woods.

Misty is a pretty quiet dog and I always wonder- if we saw a bear say- would she bark at it or just run away? Well this weekend we stopped to take a breather while hiking about two feet from a rather large porcupine. What did Misty do? Try to go after it with the silent but deadly approach. No quills luckily!

One of our new favorite places:

Clear Cut Path


Nothing Misty Likes More than an Open Field

Vibram Five Fingers: Initial Product Review

Remember how pumped I was when I scored my pair of Vibram Fivefingers? Well I’ve been roaming around with these crazy little kicks on my feet and I am ready to give my initial product review. Initial because these Five Fingers are really multi-sport footwear. So a hiking and roaming around town review just doesn’t give them the justice they deserve.

Vibram Five Fingers

Fivefingers: The Fit

Online there are dozens of articles discussing the fit of the Five fingers. I really found them to not be difficult to figure out the size or find- but others have, so proceed with caution. The one difficulty I’ve had (which I mentioned in this post), is that it can be hard to force your toes into the little pockets.

Apparently our toes move as one unit, not individually. Or at least my toes do.

Fivefingers: On the Trail

I’ve been sporting the fivefingers on all of my easy day hikes, dog walks, and romps around town. Overall, I think they’re really fun and actually have nice traction on the bottom. Would I wear them on a more serious hike? Umm…still not sold yet.

Why? Mainly because when I am out hiking with the fivefingers sharp rocks and sticks really do hurt. Your foot is protected with the fivefingers, but you’re not immune to jagged objects.

Fivefingers: Other Observations
  • A few other observations about fivefingers. You’ll have an instant topic of conversation wearing these multi-activity shoes around town. People are intrigued.
  • I still get unimaginable toes and foot cramps when I wear them for more than three hours. Am I building my toe strength?
  • I recently developed a patch of poison ivy between my toes and as such have had to put my fivefingers aside. For obvious reasons.
Upcoming Posts

I plan to post about wearing the fivefingers for water sports soon. Just as soon as this here poison ivy clears up.

Past Posts

Bare Foot Running

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stand Up Paddling

photo credit supsession

Have you caught wind of this stand up (or upright) paddling thing? I just read about it here in Women's Adventure Magazine's summer issue and it looks like a lot of fun.

Don't think I have the space for the board though. Not with four bikes fighting in the living room.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekend Haze

The Weekend Haze

the haze

The weekend was hazy, with the wildfires in Montreal blowing the smoke all the way down here to the Northeast.

Our favorite new trail

no haze day

Been cramming a few last minute things in before a nice summer break. Lots more posting to come.

In the mean time- just rode my old 10 speed Miyata down to the ice cream stand. I now can't wipe the smile off my face.