Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love biking

I love biking

Fun bike events on my list of must tries (already signed up for Vermont 50!)

Mud Hog Race

A muddy trail event that marries mountain biking and trail running with a giant mud pit at the end. Even better- this race is run in pairs so that you have a partner in grime.

San Juan Mountain Bike Hut to Hut

Beginning in Telluride, CO, meandering through the San Juan Mountains, and ending in Moab Utah, this Hut- to- Hut mountain biking trip looks like the ideal treat for someone who spends far too many days staring out the windows of the MBTA.

Mount Washington Auto Road Hillclimb

While grinding 7.6 miles up the largest peak on the East Coast may not sound like fun to everyone, it still making my must try list. For one reason, it attracts world class riders from around the world and the race takes place in my home state of New Hampshire.

Vermont 50

Hundred of riders flock to the Green Mountain State to try this trail marathon. I've never ridden 50 miles on a mountain bike before, but I've got some time to prepare. Updates in the fall.

San Fransisco Tweed Ride

I first discovered this event on this great flickr feed. The gist is- look dapper in your tweed and toodle around the city. Can't it get better than that? Themed biking events are big on my must try list.

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