Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Being Better

Legs staus post race

"No matter what kind of rider we were last year, we'll be better this year. Come to think of it, was there ever a year when you didn't think you could be a better rider?" (Georgina, Terry cycling catalog)

Let's be realistic here, I have had one of the slowest, least active winters to date. I've sat on trains way to long, visited the gym not very often, and ridden on my bike trainer- twice, maybe three times. Yikes, by all means it may take me a whole season to even be in shape, least of all be better.

But still that bike optimism, shall we call it, has bitten me too. I think I'll be better this year, because the trails look good, my bike beacons me with it's attractive colors and my legs are dieing to be covered in mud.

So here is my Bike Better List:

Ride more group rides
Try some endurance races (Vermont 50, Hampshire 100?)
Make sport this season
Ride new trails
Try downhill

Sounds like a fun season. How is yours shaping up? Looking to find the sweetest cruiser? Want to try mountain biking? Give it a whirl.

This year- you'll be better.

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