Monday, June 22, 2009

Cramping my Style

The rain has really been hampering my style lately. I really prefer mountain biking to road biking, but lately I have been pedaling away on the long paved roads to nowhere.

We’ve been stuck in a really consistent rain pattern here in the northeast the past two or three weeks. I heard this morning that our current pattern is a summer Nor’easter*. Hmm fabulous biking weather really.

Mountain Biking Plank Bridge

It’s not that I don’t like rain, in fact I could really care less about the soggy bike shorts and wet glasses type thing. My favorite trails are more like long technical rocky and rooty trails. The kind of trails that when you fall- it’s only at a snail’s pace- so the bodily damage is pretty minimal. When you throw a little wetness down on some roots it becomes a little crazy and the falls get a bit more spectacular so I’ve been mainly hitting the road.

I’ve been racking up the mileage for my upcoming bike trip. I hit 44 miles this past Saturday- even though we were watching our two-year old nephew. Thank goodness for naps and boyfriends that play guitar all afternoon. I also got some excellent cartwheel and handstand practice in. Pictures to come...

*For those not from this neck of the woods, a Nor’easter is a sort of New England specific circular weather pattern that takes a long time to move out due to our geographic location. Typically we get these in the winter and it means a couple feet of snow. Anyway, that is my very unscientific explanation. A summer Nor’easter is a little less common, and with the most recent really long winter and kind of blah spring I am sooooo ready for some nice weather.

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