Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Have Dog, Will Bike

Mountain biking with Misty is probably some of the best riding I’ve ever done. We’ve had her for about two years and it never occurred to me to bring her mountain biking until this past spring.

Misty and Me Mountain Biking

But Misty was game in April to give this biking thing a try. When we go hiking she is great off leash. She stays close and doesn’t bother other people too much. (Although she does have a particular fondness of finding the oldest, white-haired man around and jumping all over him- crazy kid)

So for the first ride, I pack up my mountain bike things and stuffed a bag of doggy bones in my pocket. I knew that Misty wouldn’t be running right in front of the bike. I was more concerned that she would be too afraid to come up to the bike when I called.

When we first got her, she was terrified of everything. She shook at the thought of getting into the truck, she turned around when confronted with foot bridges, and loud noises – oh doggy- she didn’t go for those. With a few dog treats and easy going confrontation of things like bridges and trucks she has warmed right up to her old fears and has become down-right fearless.

Misty on Mountain Bike Ride

How did she do mountain biking? Let me tell you- she didn’t just do good (yeah, good not well- I can’t stand proper English) she excelled. She was made for this.

I’ve had a few pets in my life and each I’ve loved, but Misty is a special dog. You know how you read those stories about amazing dogs that scare off bears, rescue children, and are down-right hilarious in their spare time? Well that’s Misty- she just hasn’t had a chance to prove her stuff quite yet.

In the mean time, she’s pretty happy running alongside me and chasing down villainous chipmunks and small game.

Me and Nuggets Biking


Shorty said...

Very cool! I'm sure Misty had a complete blast!

Dottie said...

That looks like so much fun! Gorgeous and talented dog ;)