Thursday, June 25, 2009

Memorable Bonks

Tuesday in the middle of our summer Nor’easter I went for a long road ride and racked up 52 miles. Having not brought enough snacks, I came very close to bonking big time. It’s been a while since I bonked, but it did lead me to remember my worst bonk ever.

As part of orientation for my freshman year in a small liberal arts college in Vermont we spent a week on an outdoor trip. While others choose Habitat for Humanity trips or maybe an easy backpacking trek, I decided to be the first girl ever to do the mountain bike trip. I love it when I accidently become the first girl to do things. It’s never quite intentional- I just sort of keep finding myself in those situations.

On our second morning, I was convinced to go for a short ride before breakfast. You should know- I am particularly dangerous before I eat- especially before breakfast. I am capable of turning green and ripping off my shirt like the Incredible Hulk or going insane trying to boil water- things like that.

Two hours into that morning ride it became clear that we weren’t getting breakfast and maybe not lunch as we continued our ride. In short my bonk involved these facts:
  • I was walking far more than riding and they were starting to not wait for me at trail intersections.
  • I had tunnel vision, was shaking violently, and throwing up.
  • I was considering punching the guy in charge who kept answering my questions with “just 20 more minutes.”
  • I cried a little.
  • I laughed hysterically a little.
  • I contemplated sitting and waiting for a helicopter.

I somehow made it out of those woods despite the worst bonk ever. And somehow I still like turning my wheels through the forest. It’s strange that no matter how hard you bonk, you always go back to that abusive relationship. We’re sick I tell you.

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trio said...

I too am rubbish before breakfast! So a two hour ride I am impressed!