Monday, June 15, 2009

Pending Bike Doom

In about a month I have a date with my bike and 300 miles of road up the coast of Maine. Covering roughly 60 miles a day with a fully loaded bike. Our last day we'll be tackling 85 miles. What have I done to prep myself for this haul? Not much unfortunately.

Lovely Bicycle

When attacking overwhelming trips or problems I can only think in bullet points. So don't mind me while I list.
  • The furthest I've ridden my bike to- date is 36 miles and I did that this past Friday.
  • My bike goal this year is to go further.
  • I have less than a month to prep.
  • I've had my road bike for about two months now. I've ridden it maybe 6 times.
  • I should mention I am that type of person that plans my route around the big hill at the end, cuts rides short to hit the ice cream stand on the way back, and gotten by mountain bike racing by doing the most minimal training (if you can call it that!) possible. Sorry to come out like that folks.
  • I'm considering adding some interval training from this plan.
  • I just bought these Ortlieb Rear Panniers in bright yellow. I'm hoping they fit.
  • I'm considering getting front panniers, but I'm afraid I'll just do what I always do with extra space. That would be- fill it with stuff.
  • We've decided to have each person cook one dinner for the whole group. I'm not much of a cook and I'm concerned that not feeding the fine folks I'm traveling with adequately, may be warrant for them to ditch me on the side of the road. Camp cooking for six will be new for me! I'm thinking something with rice, beans, and salsa.
More poor training details and panicky moments to come- stay tuned!

P.S. That is not the bike I'll be using, I just thought I would try to remind myself how much I like biking while I add on the grueling miles.


denali2001 said...

Hmmm... FLT up the Maine coast? Sounds awesome. I'm planning a solo FLT in August from Brooklyn, NY to North Conway, NH, do the Presidential Traverse, then ride back to NY. Got about two month to prep. 60 mile a day is about what I'm looking at also.

Dottie said...

Wow, sounds like a great trip! Good luck :)