Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Swamp Swim

Mountain Biking with Misty

I forgot to mention in my last dog post that while Misty will now walk over bridges carefree, she still hasn’t grasped the “right of way” type thing with other cyclists.

We were walking her out on the same trails we ride frequently. Bridges are really what make up the bulk of these trails too. So we were walking along and came head on with some mountain bikers riding towards us on the bridge.

She stopped and waited. We said our hellos- this always seems to help dogs when they hear people chatting. The second biker was almost across the bridge which was about three feet above the muddy swamp below and Misty decided now would be a good time to trot across.

Up she goes- decides it should just be a fake out- and then down she goes, hip deep into the mud below. Sweet, guess it’s going to be bath night tonight I think. Still it’s better than when she rolls around in deer and horse scat.

Swamp Swim

The biker passes and Misty tries to remount the bridge. She underestimates the slipperiness of the swamp mud and her newly covered legs and misses the bridge, falling backwards into the mud. She’s pretty sure this is the best it has ever been as she shakes off.

Swamp Swim

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