Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back from My Adventure

Bike Tripping

Just back from my seven day biking adventure, 300 miles up and back (part ways) the Maine coast with five other fabulous women. I am feeling a little tired and a little overwhelmed by pressing school deadlines that were awaiting me in my inbox. I plan to share many pics from the trip, as well as any foolishness encountered along the way this week.

In the mean time, some important tips for multi day bicycle touring:
  • walking your bike is harder than riding your bike
  • sometimes that can of Pringles strapped to the top of your bike, is juuuuussst enough to prevent you from getting your leg all the way over
  • tents that open near the head of your sleeping bag may be the most poorly designed tents ever
  • getting out of a tent that you are unfamiliar with in the middle of the night, when you need to pee, can be hysterically funny
  • flush any turkeys and their little baby turkeys before you begin to pee in an open field

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