Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Two: Bicycle Touring Maine

Thomas Point Island, Maine - Damariscotta, Maine
Mileage Total for Day: 45 miles
Total Trip Mileage: 70 miles

At Our First Campsite

I was concerned that my bicycle touring packing might be too much or too unorganzied for this ladies-only bike trip, but it turns out that I packed perfectly. I was one of the first up since the tent I was sharing was pretty hard to get in and out of quietly. Even so, I happily enjoyed my coffee as we began our morning dance.

Packed Bike

(actually not my bike)

The morning dance mainly requires packing up your panniers, turning a corner, finding more of your stuff, and then repacking your panniers.

Fearless Leader's Bike

Riding was on the easy to moderate side, only packing in 45 miles. There were many hills, but generally manageable since they were rolling. Our top speed downhill was 32 mph.

We stopped in Wiscasset Maine for our lunchtime break. Wiscasset is well known for cute shops and of course, Red's seafood which at times boasts over an hour wait. Since I spent my birthday waiting in line for an hour and a half a few years ago, I was happy to eat something else.

Bike Break Circle

After reapplying sunblock at lunch, we rode in and out of torrential showers which streaked our freshly applied sunblock into our shoes.

Towards the end of the day some of the riders were really feeling fatigued, so we were slowing down a bit. I managed to fall over still clipped into my bike, here is the wound one week post. I've done better.

Bike Wounds

We camped at Pemaquid Point Campground on Lake Pemaquid. This campground was an all night Massachusetts Party Heaven. Nearly every plate was Mass or New Jersey and everyone had very elaborate campsite setups.

Giant Maine Campground

Cubby Camping

We were pretty happy to have our little fire, with scavenged wood and campfire pizza- recipe to come later this week!

Drying Out

The Line

The Line

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