Monday, July 27, 2009

Shimano SPD PD-M424 Clipless Pedals Product Review - On the Trail

I was excited to land a pair of these clipless Shimano SPD Pedals (PD-M424) after having had a similar pair for years. I loved the resin replaceable platform and contrary to popular complaint- mine lasted forever. Would this newer version hold up to my old favorite pair of pedals? Would they be a better pair of clipless mountain bike pedals than the teeny ones I had been riding? Initial on the trail results are in.

The Replaceable Resin Platform

This is the part I was most excited about, because even though I’ve become a better rider every year, eventually I like to unclip to try an obstacle. Having something to rest your foot on while being unclipped is an excellent way to try things that I never thought I could ride. My initial on the trail thoughts about the Shimano SPD Pedals were that they were great for sessioning technical sections unclipped.

Tension on the Shimano SPD Pedals PD-M424

After an initial trial in the parking lot, I felt like the clipless Shimano pedals were adjusted so that I could unclip pretty easily. As soon as I hit the rocky section on the trail, I found out, in fact, they were not and went ass over teakettle. The worst part was after my spectacular fall, I was still clipped in on both sides of my bike. I had to wrench my foot out to get it out of the pedals.

Luckily, I had a 3mm Allen wrench with me and carefully tried one turn to the left on both sides of the clipless pedal. Still not enough. More turns to the side, more bugs, more not being able to unclip and I think maybe now they’re adjusted correctly. I might bring them back to the bike store to make sure I adjusted them correctly before attempting any other spectacular rides.

My Thoughts so far on the Shimano SPD PD-M424 Pedals

The tension problem on the pedals was definitely a user mistake. Loosening your pedal tension should be done before trying to ride off into the sunset. Overall, I like the way the clips performed and will be using them for a race this Sunday. I’ll post my final summary of the Shimano SPD Clipless Pedals next week. Tune back in for further deets.

Features from Shimano website

•Dual-sided pop-up bindings that position the body at 12.5 degrees angle for easy and fast entry.
•Large cages for added stability.
•Low maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle.
•Cleat tension adjustment for each rider preference.

Shimano SPD PD-M424 Clipless Pedals

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mtblawgirl said...

Youch! Shimanos are a good pedal but I finally switched to Time Atak. They shed mud better and are easier to get in and out of. Don't have to worry about adjusting and then losing the screws while riding. Good luck racing this weekend. I miss those days.

Dechert said...

nice share...keep it up...

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