Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shimano SPD Pedal PD-M424 Product Review – Initial Thoughts

I cut my mountain biking teeth on one the first versions of the Shimano SPD Pedal. Having just worn out the most recent pair of clips that came with my bike, I glumly visited the bike store ready to sink more money into another clip without any platform. I was thrilled to find that Shimano still had this type of pedal with a replaceable resin cage kicking around.

My Past Experience with Shimano SPD Pedals similar to the PD-M424 Clip

My very first pair of clipless pedals was a version of these SPD clips. Everyone I talked to couldn’t believe that they were still kicking around after eight years of constant mountain biking. They lasted me forever, even though the most frequent complaint about the plastic like platforms is that they break often.

Shimano also has a metal platform version (PD-M545) that I frequently get handed when I ask about pedals with platforms. I haven’t tried the metal version, mainly because it looked so darn painful for my shins.

I like a bit of a platform for riding

Since I just got rid of my clipless pedals, I have been mainly riding on teeny tiny clips that have constant mechanicals. I can’t help it, I like a bit of platform for mountain biking.

A bit about SPD

SPD is the type of cleat that works with these pedals and all of Shimano’s pedals use SPD. In recent years, other brands have branched out creating more efficient, easier to clean cleats (Crank Brothers for one). I’m sticking with SPD mainly because my shoes are for SPD cleats.

Initial Thoughts

I haven’t been out mountain biking with the cleats yet, but I can’t wait to give them a whirl. I am partial to Shimano pedals already, since I had a similar pair a few years ago. They look great and I already love that my foot will have some extra room to rest on.

The questions I hope to answer after riding these a bit- Will they be as excellent as my last pair or will they make me reminisce even more? Will the resin cage hold up to the more rocky technical trails I prefer? Will I ever remember to clean my clips for better riding experience?

Product Updates to Come

New Shimano Pedals

New Shimano Pedals

New Shimano Pedals

New Shimano Pedals

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