Monday, August 10, 2009

Backpacking with dogs

Misty Backpacking


They can lick your bowls clean- equaling less washing
They keep the animal riffraff out of your campsite
They provide endless entertainment with their pack carrying, sniffing, and scratching antics
They can keep you warm in your tent
They pick up the little bits of food you may drop while eating, even when it is covered in pine needles
They couldn’t be happier than when they’re outside
They entertain kids
They’ll carry their own food

Misty thinking how much she likes having giardia

Crossing the Pemi


It’s hard to keep them out of the mud, animal poop, and poison ivy
They attract lots of doggy friends to the campsite for visits and butt sniffs
They can get really cold after swimming in mountain water if they’re thinly short haired

The Wet Dog Shake


jumbly said...

I love getting out in the hills with my dog too. But, no way would she carry her own food. If she thought she had a bag of food on her back she'd do nothing but run round in circles trying to get it.

bettymountaingirl said...

hehe- luckily Misty really had no clue about the awesome stuff in her backpack like chew toys and food and stuff :)