Wednesday, August 19, 2009

EMS Base Camp Pad Product Review- Initial Thoughts

Last backpacking trip, Adam broke the news to me that if he didn’t get a better sleeping pad, he wouldn’t be joining me camping anymore. I have to hand it to the guy, he has the worst back ever and he hasn’t really complained about the dinky cheap foam pad he’s been sleeping on. So I researched and I hunted and I debated, mainly with my mom at the camping store while Adam was at work.

We ended up selecting the EMS Base Camp Pad because it had the most cushion for the buck. Others, offered more cushion at steep prices. The EMS Base Camp Pad was reasonably priced ($99 and on sale at the time) and offered 2 inches of cushion.

EMS Base Camp Pad

Initial Thoughts On EMS Base Camp Sleeping Pad

The specs looked nice- two inches of cushion, self inflating, a larger width for comfortable sleeping. It wasn’t pink. It looked like the EMS Base Camp Pad was perfect for Adam. I let the pad inflate at home and that is when I realized its first con- the thing is super long. The length on the website is 77 inches. Might as well be seven feet. I wasn’t entirely sure it would fit in the tent.

The other thing is the EMS Base Camp Pad is heavy for a sleeping pad. It comes in at close to four lbs. We certainly wouldn’t be doing lightweight backpacking with the sleeping pad. I couldn’t get everything to be in one perfect package though- lightweight, lots of cushion, and under $100.
So how would the EMS Base Camp Pad hold up to Adam’s first night critique? Would it be ridiculous for backpacking? We’ll check in with Adam to see what he thinks and a final review to come.

EMS Base Camp Pad

Inside the Tent

Specs on the EMS Base Camp Sleeping Pad from EMS

Weight 3 lb. 12 oz.
Length 77 in.
Width 25 in.
Thickness 2 in.
Packed Size 25 x 8 in.
Stuff Sack Yes
Sleeping Pad Type Self Inflating

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