Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ruff Wear Dog Approach Pack II Product Review- Initial Thoughts

I purchased the Ruff Wear Dog Approach Pack late last year and still haven’t gotten around to giving it a go yet. While we are out doing day hikes and mountain bikes rides with Misty, our dog, regularly- we haven’t taken her on a good sized backpacking trip. My upcoming trip to the White Mountains, requires that Misty carries some of her stuff. Here are my initial thoughts on the dog backpack:

You want me to put what in here? Says Misty

Ruff Wear Dog Approach Pack Fit

Ruff Wear really nails it with their dog fit. I have two of their dog jackets (for my dog!) and the fit on Misty is excellent. You know how when you wear a men’s jacket and it is too big in all the wrong places? Then you try on a women’s jacket and it’s like, divine? Well, that would be the fit with the Ruff Wear Approach Pack.

Snug in all the right spots and the straps are padded in all the right places too.

Upclose Straps on Ruffwear Approach Pack

Ruff Wear Dog Approach Pack Size

The size of the dog bags looks pretty small at first. At the same time, I think that getting bigger packs, would affect my dog’s gait too much. So in the end, the size may be perfect. We tried it with a few of her dog things in the apartment- bones, bowls, etc. It seems to hold everything that I intended her to hold just fine.

Approach Pack II Specs

Comes in five sizes XXS-L, fitted by girth and length of your dog. Be careful to go with their recommendations too. At first I thought there is no way Misty is a small, but it fits perfectly.


I plan to try out the Ruff Wear Approach Pack first during an easy day hike/walk. If everything goes well, Misty will try it out this weekend for our backpacking trip. Subscribe to my feed (on the left) for updates.

Ruffwear Dog Backpack/ Approach Pack

Ruff Wear's website and blog

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