Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Terry Damselfly Bike Saddle Product Review- Initial Thoughts

Finding a comfortable bike seat for each of my bikes is really a long term quest. In the process I’ve purchased more bike seats than I’d like to mention here. I recently decided to try out the Terry Damselfly Bike Saddle on my mountain bike for two reasons: I needed a more performance oriented bike seat (I’ll explain…) and I needed it to be comfortable. Can you have both performance and comfort in one bike seat? I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Damselfly….

Terry Damselfly Saddle

(Also, check back in tomorrow, for my first post in a new how to series about how to find a comfortable bike seat.)

What I’m looking for in a bike seat and will the Terry Damselfly saddle work?

I finally decided last week that I had it with my bike seat. I was actually riding a Terry touring type seat, and while it was comfortable and I could really put in the miles on it, it wasn’t a great performance seat. When I say performance, I am talking about how easy it is to climb, tackle steep downhills, and tight technical singletrack. I need something that is easy to get on and off and provides a somewhat solid base to use for steering. (To me, steering a mountain bike has just as much to do with the rear of the bike as the front of the bike.)

Why the Terry Damselfly?

I selected the Terry Damselfly based primarily on dimensions (10.5 long x 5.1 wide). I still haven’t quite perfected the fit on my mountain bike. I feel like I am too upright and despite switching out multiple bike components- can’t perfect it. I find I can adjust my balance on most sections, except when I am heading down a steep downhill. Then the feeling like I am too upright becomes a little worrisome.

After a few “chuck my bike in the woods” moments, I figured out that I didn’t like the width in the back on my current seat. It was hard to get far enough back on my bike to be aggressive on the downhill sections. I knew that I wanted something slimmer than my current bike seat (9.5 long x 6” wide) and the Terry Damselfly is definitely a slimmer seat.

Will the Terry Damselfly saddle be good for both performance and comfort?

This is the question that only several more rides will answer. I’ll tell you that 10.5 x 5.1 looks pretty darn skinny. Will that tiny seat be comfortable? I’ll be back with an On the Trail Review soon.

About the Company

Terry Cycling is a women’s specific bike company. They design bike skorts, bicycles, seats and more specifically for women.

I’m not 100% sure exactly how they are with their return policy yet, since I’ve never returned anything to them before. Their website has 100% satisfaction guaranteed, but the tag on the bike seat said that they’ll accept a return for another bike seat.

They ship things super fast!

Specs on the Terry Damselfly Seat from Terry’s Website

Length/Width- 10.5/5.1 inches
Weight- 230g/8.1oz
Rails- Vanox Cover/Features Leather with damselfly imprint
Best for- racers & sprinters who like the feel of the road


Terry Damselfly Bike Saddle

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