Monday, August 31, 2009

Women’s Outdoor Magazines

I’m a big fan of outdoor media- I love the adventure magazines and soak up outdoor blogs. Many of the larger outdoor adventure magazines are so focused on the men that they’re cover articles are often geared exclusively for them.

I’m figuring that demographically the male population highly outnumbers the females in most outdoor adventures sports and maybe that is why large publications like Outside magazine tend to leave out the girl factor. Well, fear not all I’ve developed a master list here of all the excellent women mountain biking magazines, outdoor adventure blogs and more media. It’s almost too good to be true.

Women’s Outdoor Magazine Publications

Women’s Adventure Magazine

Not only does this magazine encompass everything I love about the outdoors, but they also have some issues available online.


I’m putting Bike Magazine on the best women outdoor magazines because its most recent publication (Sept/Oct) has the article Mountain Biking’s Raddest Women. Not only does it feature some of the finest women mountain bikers, but it also has multiple other women specific articles. Way to go Bike!

Women’s Cycling Magazine

I still haven’t picked this one up yet, but the idea that we have a whole magazine to ourselves is outrageously cool.

She Pedals Magazine

Another one that we must support ladies! I can’t even believe we may be close to two women’s specific cycling publications. They’re due out September 1st and are still working on their website.

Sports Sister Magazine

A British publication about sports, has tons of inspiring articles and many features about the outdoors and even mountain biking.

Outside Magazine

Okay, I actually think that Outside magazine gets pretty low ratings for female adventurers, but in recent months they’ve been trying to make it up to us. I really like this landing page for Women in Sports.

Women’s Running

I'm not that much of a runner, but since Her Sports magazine became Women's Running I've been getting this subscription in the mail. It's actually quite good and has some great fitness and training articles.

Something I missed? Let me know! I plan to continually update this list. Check back in this week when I will list best women’s outdoor blogs. It’s a list you don’t want to miss!

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