Friday, September 25, 2009

Guess What Snuck Up Again?


It's here... hey there Fall. How are you doing? Ah me? Well I'm alright. Not too happy about the shorter days that come along with you, but happy to accept the cooler evenings.

What's that? Has it slowed down my biking, hiking, and general outdoor getting? No of course not. Well, I do have to plan things more than I had to in the summer. Like put all my layers out before I go to sleep at night so that I am not rummaging around and swearing when I can't find my socks and gloves for the early morning ride.

Misty in the Fall

Nice of you to ask about Nuggets. She likes Fall too. In fact, she goes bonkers over you. Much more energetic now that the muggy, humidity is gone. Ah yes, that's right she is also a big time hunting dog, even if we don't really hunt.

What does she hunt? Well it's her mission to find every last squirrel and chipmunk and make sure they never come down from the trees.

So far so good. Now to just get her to come back after she finishes her chase....

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Red Bike said...

I haven't noticed the leaves falling here yet; but then again I haven't been the right type of woodland for a while.

I needed full fingered gloves for the first time in months on this mornings commute!