Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trio: Biking Resume

Some things you should know about Trio, our next blog to be featured on the Biking Resume section. First off is that she has a mad countdown going for yearly miles spent biking. She's currently at, um...swallow... 6906 miles for the year. For reels. Miles not kilometers.

You should also know that they're not leisurely-checking-out-the-scenery miles. They're like a seven stage mountain bike race on --get this--- a single speed, rigid frame. Oh yeah, and she always seems to be rocking bikes that have just the right amount of pink.


Trio's Biking Resume

More pics here and here

Road, Mountain, Cross, or Everything

Everything, I started out with a mountain bike, bought a road bike, now have a cross bike. I just love being on a bike!

How long have you been biking?

I bought a bike in 2001 as I lived in the peaks, then rode it maybe four times a year. November 2006 I went on a girls mountain bike ride, walked up and down all the hills and loved it, I haven't looked back since!


Yes but more for the fun of it, I'll never be fast enough or dedicated enough to be the best!

Favorite type of trail

Up on the moors with no one around!

Favorite ride

Leaving my house winding up Winter Hill linking singletrack, blast down the belmont descent, drink in pub with friends then spin home downhill for pizza.

Or everyday I ride over the motorway on the way to work and see the queues of traffic, it is a smug but nice feeling!

Worst ride

Battling a headwind for 40miles on the way to southport and getting there and finding all the chippys closed! I was very close to crying when I found one open!

Worst crash

I tend to forget crashes, but riding some wonky steps, flying over the bars jumping back on the bike and having to stop 20 seconds later as I was so dizzy was bad! Oh and falling on the track hurt as well!

Worst bonk

My first long ride, Penrith Merida in 2007, longest ride before 40km, 83km in the lakes no problem. I knew little about what to eat or drink, finishing was such a mental battle, but made me realise endurance riding is fun!

Craziest thing you’ve ever done on a bike

Rode across Manchester, 30 miles to go for a nightride, didn't seem crazy till I was riding back at gone midnight on a singlespeed mountain bike!

Favorite bike food

Chocolate Cake!

In three words describe why you love biking

The freedom! (I know only two!)


trio said...

Fame at last!

Richard said...

Riding in that snow looks wicked fun! We don't get much snow down here, but there was this one freak snow storm that hit and dropped about 6 inches. I took my mountain bike out to the trails and had fun.

trio said...

We don't get a lot of snow either, but the couple of days there were I made sure I got out!