Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Biking in Warm Weather

Biking in warm weather, after several weeks of a frozen face and a drippy nose, is like jumping into the hot tub after swimming in the lap pool. It's completely shocking, but in a really great way.

We're having an unseasonal stretch of weather these days in New England. The temperature is in the 60's, the wind is surprisingly calm, and I am thinking that I could bike until February if this keeps up. Even my legs feel stronger, if only because they are warm enough to have blood circulating in them (ha!).

The bike beckoning

I know it can't last though. This last little summer like romp. They're predicting seasonal temps by the end of the week and I expect there will be a consistent and cold headwind along with that weather.

Until then, I'll be hot tubbing in New Hampshire.

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