Monday, December 21, 2009

Massive Storm Hits the East Coast

And this is all we got in the North Country.

Fresh Tracks

An inch maybe five max. Pretty boring.

The Fresh Snow Sans Coats

The dog is truly in heaven though. She thinks a few inches of snow rocks just as much as one foot.

Can you spot her?

This cracks me up though. Can you spot her? That's how she looks when stalking squirrels.

Can you spot her?

Here's a close-up, because apparently black and white spots act as camouflage in the winter.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Our dog Spot has a very similar coat,but more black,less white,LOL!

Yes we got hit (Buchanan county Va is where I hand my helmet),between 10 and 16",all heavy,wet snow. No power or water,the electric company says (our well requires electric to pump H2O to us) until after Christmas (obviously,I'm not home as I type,LOL!).

But it sure is a thing of beauty!

Red Bike said...

What do you mean boring!!!

Its ideal. Any deeper and its too hard to ride in and you get cold toes. Yet, there's just enough to make a snowman / snow-angel!