Monday, January 25, 2010

Knee Deep Snow

While hiking yesterday we found that the snow was much, much deeper than it looked. It's easy to think, while climbing up on the well packed trail, sans snowshoes, that the snow is only a few inches deep.

Snow covered trail

But....when you step off to the side on the summit that is normally strewn with granite slaps at all different heights- you find yourself sinking in up to your knees.

Trudging through the snow

When my boyfriend spotted another dog on the top of the mountain, he attempted to run over and put Misty on a leash. Except he went in at least up to his thighs, fell over on his face, and even showed a little plumber's crack. I nearly died laughing. Especially because Misty got a little scared at all his crazy actions and was like--- what the heck are you doing?

Snow Face Dog

Misty likes to dive in with her face first, thus the snow face

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Red Bike said...

I often wonder if dogs get cold under bellies in the snow. Just my odd thought for the day. :)