Friday, April 23, 2010

GSI Coffee Drip

Let's get to what really matters for outdoor product reviewing- coffee!

I know you are like enough with the coffee experimenting and camping right? Well I am still in search of coffee perfection on camping trips and I have high hopes for this the GSI coffee drip. I've tried this for coffee making, but in the end just carry around a plastic filter thing.

This one would be really ideal because it is collapsible.


Red Bike said...

I can't cope without my cup of tea or coffee. Thankfully i've found nescafe 3:1 sachets.

Dried milk milk,sugar + coffee in a sachet. They don't taste too bad and they avoid the need to carry anything except water and a stove.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

That sounds like a good option- I am constantly in search of the easiest, but best way to have my morning cup of joe. I'll put that one on my list too!