Monday, April 12, 2010

A Thing Called Mountain Biking

Remember when I used to ride my bike and write about it? I barely do myself it has been so long... I think I'm back to blogging again. Blogging has always come in fits and bursts for me, but this bike season is looking promising as I suit back up and head back out again.

The Long Bridge

I've been mainly road biking for the past month, trying to build back up the biking legs. Yesterday, I went on my first legal mountain bike ride- whoo-hooo! Legal in the sense that many of our trails here in New England are closed until mud season is over. One by one they are starting to open back up again. So it looks like more mountain biking and less road.

Hope your season is looking fun and starting early!


Red Bike said...

I'm trying to build my legs up too. So far theres lots of pain but i haven't seen much gain.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

gosh- me too :( But I'm happy that there is more sun these days- means a lot more riding!