Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I love

The weekend is getting closer...I can hardly wait. In the meantime, somethings I've been loving lately:
  • A&W rootbeer with aged vanilla (there is no comparison)
  • Ranger Rick Magazine (did you know that RR tweets? for real)
  • My new iTouch. I'm hardly ever this up with the technology. Except, maybe I'm really behind because it is all about the ipad these days...Anyone have any app recommendations? Especially anything outdoorsy/referency-ish?
  • My Terry cycling knickers- I've been getting my money's worth out these lately.
  • Ruffwear's dog blog
  • Weezer's Ratitude album
  • Must I mention the Safire women's mountain bike by Specialized?
  • The fact that my butt is the sorest it has been in months? Sometimes sore bike butt hurts so good.


starfish264 said...

Oh you're so right - sore bike butt is defintely one of the better pains in life ... after you're out of the saddle and sitting on something soft that is! Along with screaming quads because they can't remember what this climbing and descending malarkey is they're being asked to do!

Libby Schleichert said...

April 19

Hi Betty,
Love your blog. It overflows with personality!

Thanks for the Ranger Rick shout-out. We love our fans and love it when they blog about us.

Seriously appreciate the Twitter mention, too. I do some of that tweeting at the site you linked to, but also as myself. That's @epschleichert. I'd love it if you followed me.

Have fun on your wheels!

Warmest wishes to you and to Misty,
Libby Schleichert, Sr. Editor
Ranger Rick Magazine
National Wildlife Federation
Reston, VA

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Thanks a lot for your nice note Libby! I appreciate your mention too :)

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Starfish- I've had a bit of that too! Can't wait to feel "normal" again riding :)