Monday, May 24, 2010

100 of Something

I've been fascinated with the idea of 100 mile or kilo of mountain bike events for the past few years. Fascinated in the sense that I love to spend time looking for events, looking at event pics, and sometimes even registering for one. Inevitably I neglect the actual "training" component and sort of wimp out right before the event. Maybe this year I can continue to neglect the "training" component and just go for it.

Regardless, here is a compilation of some random 100 mile/kilo mountain bike events that I've been checking out. Maybe if there is one near you- you may beat me to the punch.


Red Bike said...

Get your name down BMG.

From what i've read on your blog you wont struggle with a 100km ride.

My MTB ride this weekend was 168miles with 25,000ft of climbing!
My legs seem fine but boy do I have a sore bum!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

red bike you certainly put me to shame with those iron legs of yours ;)

Actually my legs are slowly coming back to me now. We moved recently and our new place is right in the heart of hill country. So I be climbing lots lately :)

Red Bike said...

MTBing is about smiles not miles and in that respect you certainly put me to shame!

btw, my legs fell apart so they're certainly no made of iron
(See the 24hr solo post on my blog).