Monday, May 24, 2010


photo by KEVY47

I had never even heard of an Aerobie until I was swimming in a local lake and spotted something bright pink in the bottom muck (you know that nasty mucky, leafy stuff at the bottom of lakes?!).

I shouted to Adam, "I think I see a pink frisbee. I'm going to try and grab it." Little did I know that it wasn't just a frisbee, it was an Aerobie.

Adam was pumped to discover that I found one and proceeded to describe how far they can fly with extremely little effort. We tried it. It's true. The thing freakin' flies.

The Aerobie Quarter Mile Record is broken.


Red Bike said...

I can't help but wonder if you got hit in the noggin while taking that photo!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Glad to say that I didn't take this photo- cuz I probably would have got hit in the noggin :)