Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stand Up Paddling

photo credit supsession

Have you caught wind of this stand up (or upright) paddling thing? I just read about it here in Women's Adventure Magazine's summer issue and it looks like a lot of fun.

Don't think I have the space for the board though. Not with four bikes fighting in the living room.


Red Bike said...

I'm just glad someone else has bikes in their living room. My folks are still horrified that I have them in the house!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

lol! When ever my boyfriend mentions that maybe I need one less bike or maybe I need to start putting them outside- I shoot him the look of death. They've all currently found a new home in our kitchen. Completely weird space for them, but the only one with the actual space.

Red Bike said...

I had forgotten all about this comment.

Irronically last night I had to kick all my bikes out of the house while I cleaned the cupboard I keep them in because its become full of ants.

For the next few days until my war on the ants is over my babies will be sleeping rough in the shed.

Amy C said...

I just found out about this sport (SUP) while living in Hawaii this winter. I only did it a few times but LOVED it... the stillness on the open ocean and potential to ride the waves (not *quite* there yet) is alluring.

And now, back in CO, I'm seeing it mentioned for rivers and such. Not sure about white water, but never say never! :)