Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Report

This weekend was spent re-cooperating from a busy bunch of weeks. Too bad the first weekend I had truly off ended up being a mix of severe thunderstorms and rain. In between lightening we managed to sneak in a few walks in the woods.

Misty is a pretty quiet dog and I always wonder- if we saw a bear say- would she bark at it or just run away? Well this weekend we stopped to take a breather while hiking about two feet from a rather large porcupine. What did Misty do? Try to go after it with the silent but deadly approach. No quills luckily!

One of our new favorite places:

Clear Cut Path


Nothing Misty Likes More than an Open Field

1 comment:

Red Bike said...

I'm rather glad we don't have bears here in England you'd never get me out into the woods. I jump a mile at everything that goes 'bump' as it is!