Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Favorite Fall Gear

Some peaks at my favorite fall gear...

Jake the Snake Cyclocross bike
Sure it's built for a guy, but really of my last six bikes only one was designed for a woman. Moral? I've been riding a guys rig for over 90% of my cycling career. Plus, this bike is built for quality at a seriously decent price.

Swobo's Vintage Inspired Merino Wool Shirts
When I first fell in love with biking (eek- maybe 15 years ago) this was one of my favorite cycling companies. I think, for a period they may have gone out of business. But the good news is there back and they've got some drool worthy biking shirts, swag, and even bikes.

Ibex Arm and Leg Warmers
I wish I could wear arm warmers to work....

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Red Bike said...

Planet-x currently have an offer on their Merino Jersey.

and for the English readers the Aldi supermarket have Merino them in on Thurday for £15.