Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Randolph Mountain Club Shelters

If you've ever climbed in the Whites of New Hampshire during the summer, you might have some idea of how incredibly busy the AMC hut system gets. To say it's crowded would be an understatement, given that you often have to make reservation weeks prior to your trip. Reservations?! For hiking?! That's sort of my mentality...

Frosty trees

Gray Knob Cabin, Randolph Mt Club
photo credit- Unstoppable Drew
great shot- eh!

Another alternative to the AMC huts are the four Randolph Mountain Club Shelters. I haven't been to one of the Randolph Mountain Club Shelters yet and I guess that they can be quite crowded as well in the summer months. I've heard that they have a quiet off season though and are quite nice in the late fall months.

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