Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ratcheting it Up

Paddlin About

I've really ratcheted up my paddling this year. Not only is our new local great for more road and mountain biking, but it is also excellent for paddling. Before I had one- max two- spots for paddling nearby. Now days I have my pick of over a dozen killer spots.

I've also been purposefully ratcheting up my paddling because really- truly-- gosh darn-it-- I am doing a triathlon in a month. The triathlon involves a 5- mile paddle, 8-ish mile mountain bike, and 5-ish mile trail run.

Sure I could definitely be in better shape, but that would be really boring. It isn't fun unless you aren't sure you are going to finish.

Just kidding. I am pretty sure the finishing will be in my realm of doing, but I could have been doing some more crunches and stuff. You know- the boring indoorsy things to stay in shape. I've really been just mainly playing outside without a lot of pressure for time or distance so it should be interesting.


Red Bike said...

I've just started sailing now that I can't run or cycle. I didn't realise just how expensive it is!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Gosh Red Bike- I was reading about your injuries. Freakin sucks. Freakin really sucks that it happened over the summer.

re boating- Everytime I pick up a new sport I am shocked at how much it costs to get into :)

Red Bike said...

With sailing it wasn't so much the cost of the equipment (Which certainly wasn't cheap), it was the cost of the 'memberships' required.

Here in England it seems that you can't just turn up at a lake and plonk your boat on the water. You have to join the local sailing club(s) and pay mouring / launch fees. All of which soon seriously adds up.

At the moment i've just joined the local rowing club and i'm using their equipment.

I'm up to 3-5miles on the bike. So fingers crossed it shouldn't be too long before i'm riding 'properly' again.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

My fingers are crossed for you Red Bike :=)