Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Winter Without the Gym

I must make a guilty confession- when winter hits I start to head to the gym more. In fact, I never go to the gym when the weather is good...just when things like freezing rain and reduced visibility begin.

The Almost Weather

Sure I still get out a ton (see winter posts)- but mainly on random days off or the weekend. But I have a plan this winter and it is called- just don't sign up at the gym. That way I can't retreat into the boring staleness of working out next to gladiator men at the gym.

Instead I plan to keep running- this I can fortunately do even at night now that we live in an area with things like street lights and sidewalks. I plan to challenge myself to keep biking until my hands and toes completely freeze off from the numbness, my face becomes one big frozen wet mess, and my legs just keep rotating round and around even when off bike.

I have to say you guys are all my motivation because let's face it- getting out more this winter means posting more. Plus so many of you kick butt riding through the winters Bike Carson, Red Bike, and Tea & Cake to name just a few. You all know who you are. I'll be joining your forces this winter as I say goodbye to the gym forever!

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Dave Pidgeon said...

One way to look at running in the cold is to keep telling yourself it's "character building." And by that, I mean you are prepping yourself for winter hiking. If you can run an hour in sub-30 degree weather, you're preparing yourself for a full day or weekend. One year, I ran consistently through the winter and came out in one of the best physical conditions of my life.