Monday, November 8, 2010

Asolo Stynger Hiking Boots Product Review: Hiking

Reviewing the Asolo Stynger hiking boots may be old news to some of my readers. I am guessing that many of you already own a pair of the Styngers. Regardless, there are probably one or two of you without a pair of these hiking boots and that needs to change. Here are my thoughts on the Asolo Styngers:

Asolo Stynger Hiking Boots

Asolo Stynger Hiking Boots- Waterproof

I know that seems like a given right?! I mean who buys hiking boots these days that are not waterproof. The Styngers have almost a double layer of waterproofing- given that the suede-ish top layer is highly water resistant and inside is a lining of Gore-tex giving these boots a double- pow of waterproofing.

Asolo Stynger Hiking Boots- Supportive

The Stynger's have an excellent, excellent, excellent supportive sole and ankle support. I have what is considered "flat feet" meaning that my feet tend to pronate in when walking. I slide a pair of Sore Dawg's or Spenco Backpacking insoles in and I am good to go.

Asolo Stynger Hiking Boots- Lightweight

I think that the surprising lighter weight of the Stynger's is my favorite part. Somehow Asolo has managed to balance support with weight to come up with the perfect solution. I've trekked hundreds of miles with my Stynger's and never once felt like I had on heavy clunky hiking boots.

How do the Stynger's do backpacking? We'll cover this next week on Betty Mountain Girl! Check back in!

These Boots Were Made for Walking

These Boots Were Made for Walking

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