Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Revisiting Winter Hiking

Gosh- I've sure been thinking about and getting ready for snow this year. Traditionally, I am more of a warm weather person since biking is one of my favorite sports, but every year I find myself loving the snow just a little bit more.

This year I am really interested in doing a lot more cross country skiing. So I'll probably be posting a bit about skis and jaunts through the woods. In the meantime, I thought some of my newer readers might enjoys some of my previous tips on getting outside in the winter.

Enjoying the View

Winter Hiking: Traction in Snow and Ice

This Way She Says

Top Ten Winter Hiking Tips

Snow Face Dog

Also check out Winter Campers here. Lots of good tips and ideas for camping in the cold.


Jim Muller said...

Also read WinterCampers.com and the blog WinterCampers.com/blog

Richard said...

Do you havey advice on good winter cycling gloves?

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Hey Jim- It's heading into your time of year again isn't it?! I just added a link to your blog in this post :=)

Richard- I have to admit keeping my hands and feet warm for biking in the winter still plagues me. Haven't gotten it just right yet- either too bulky and can't move in it or freezing my thumbs off ;=)

I've been using an older version of a split mitten similar to these: http://www.terrybicycles.com/product/detail/1319/current/splitt-mitts

I like them- they're warm and there is at least some ability to do things like shift and brake- but still rather bulky. Let me know if you have any that work for you :)