Friday, December 17, 2010

Igloo Making

So what's your snow sitch? We're currently bare ground in the southern part of New Hampshire, but with snow in the north. We also may be getting some fluffy stuff this Sunday. All I know is that seriously- this year I must make myself an igloo.

I just built my first Igloo!

Any igloo makers out there with tips? Please share!

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Chris said...

We've used a job to build igloos in the past. I can't remember the name (icehouse or icebox or something like that). It attaches to the end of an aluminum pole that extends as you follow a spiral pattern, ensuring a parabolic (strong) shape to the igloo. We've only built 2-3, I am always amazed how quickly it heats up inside if using a gas lantern. T-shirt temp in just a couple of minutes.