Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pick One Thing

With the new year fast approaching I'm starting to think up my 2011 list. I want it to look a lot like my 2004 list. In 2004, I said F-- it to the "not enough" excuses and decided I was going to try everything that year. So long "not enough time to pick up a new sport"- I joined a women's fast pitch softball league. See ya "not enough money"- I tried rowed crew for 12 weeks. I want 2011 to be like that too- time to throw excuses to the wind.

To start with I'm going to pick one thing. I'm going to pick one thing and just get it done this year. It involves my little brother (well if you call 28 little) and one long hike.

So what about you? Got a whole list yet or do you want to start like I did- with just one thing?


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