Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Camping Plague

I have taken ill with a Winter Camping Plague. You see over the summer our trusty tent pole snapped. We have replaced the tent poles twice before from this site (which depending upon the age of your tent is a great idea). The issue is we pay close to $40 a pole. Given we've replaced the poles together a few times that's almost a $100 bucks a wack.

Since our most recent snapped pole we've decided that duct tape will have to do. We duct taped the pole where it splintered down the metal part and prayed for clear skies. One evening we got a torrential downpour and subsequently got soaked.

our humble abodes

So when there's no wind or pending weather the duct taped pole holds up. Give us a bit of a breeze and some precipitation and we're asking for trouble. Thus, the Winter Camping Plague. Something about winter, plus camping, plus a duct taped tent pole just doesn't go well together.

Till then...we're planning and fixing and trying to decide on our next tent...

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