Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011

Happy New Year! We are pumped that we have a fresh slate to start with. 2011 promises great things- I can just feel it. On our New Year's slush hike we encountered some spotty weather. The plus side- spotty weather tends to be blessed with great light.

January Hike

January Hike

Misty brings in the New Year...

Misty Brings in the New Year

Hope your new year started off great! We ate sushi and watched Twilight Zone for six hours. I seriously love spicy food and the Twilight Zone. We got our New Years hike in a day late, but the weather was gorgeous. Gorgeous in the sense that it was warm- but still really slushy and icy. Our easy hike turned out to be a slow plod through the mushy stuff. Can't wait for all the new hikes 2011 brings!

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