Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trans Presidential Traverse

One of my goals this year is do the Trans Presidential Traverse in July with my brother. The best part is that I want to do it in one day rather than a multi day trip.

I've climbed several of the Presidentials and several in the winter months. So I'm familiar with the terrain and well aware of the challenges. As for the length of the trip- the longest single day I've hiked was 21 miles with very little elevation gain. So the traverse will be a challenge, but I'm so ready for it.

mt adams from jefferson

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Depending on where you start the traverse you can expect to cover anywhere from 8-10 peaks- all of them New Hampshire's finest including Mount Washington at 6,288 feet (I know it's pipsqueak compared to those out west!). You are very exposed to the elements at several segments of the trail- so the weather factor is a huge component on this trip. With some of the highest wind speeds ever being recorded right on Mount Washington.

Sounds like fun right? Read more at Backpacker magazine here and here for the winter lovers.


My Life Outdoors said...

It does sound like fun! One day is pretty ambitious. I look forward to hearing about it.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Thanks for your comment! I tend to be a little overly ambitious in general, but I'd really love to try this one :)