Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Specialized

Dear Specialized:

Please send me a bike. Why amongst the hundreds, maybe thousands, of requests that you get for bikes should you entertain sending little ol’ me a bike- well I’ve compiled a list below for your consideration:

I’ve never ridden a bike that fits

I’ve spent many hundreds of miles cruising single track in the Northeast, finding new trails, meeting new riding buddies, but the one thing I have never found is a bike that actually fits. For years I have ridden a bike too big for me resulting in extremely ungraceful dismounts, sometimes disastrous crashes, and a lack of confidence that my bike can help me conquer- not collide with- difficult obstacles. You see- if you ride a bike that doesn’t fit for too long it starts to mess with your biking psyche. After one too many unladylike dismounts part way through a rock garden you start to think- I should go this way to avoid that. I am sick of avoiding. I want to ride it. I want to ride it on a bike that fits.

I’m pretty sure I can convince other lady riders want a bike that fits too

I’m pretty sure that improperly fitting mountain bikes are at a near epidemic level. I was riding on the trail the other day and a guy passed me on a sweet lightweight rig, disc brakes, dual suspension, and a snappy brand name. A few minutes later I saw his girlfriend/wife/riding partner slugging along on an ancient bike- way too big- with her helmet tipped all sideways. Scenes like this are becoming far too common along America’s trail systems and I am dedicated to eradicating this epidemic. First of all, any one of my biking friends who wants to try my sweet fitting Specialized Era mountain bike is welcome to. I might even encourage them to try the part of the trail they couldn’t make on their bike, with my bike. I have no doubt the Era will actually take flight, several feet above the rock garden allowing all my friends to actually show the boys up. Heck, even if it can’t- at least they will be able to dismount with some dignity with the super low stand over height the Era sports.

I like to tell tales

Specialized if you are reading this have made it to my blog. I write about the outdoors, bonking on long bike rides, and racing people who don’t know that they are racing. I like to tell tales about the trail and there is nothing that I would like more than to tell tales from a Specialized bike.

So Specialized, hopefully I have convinced you to send me a bike. Any mountain bike will do really. I’ll even come to pick it up. Pretty please.

Talk to you soon (I hope!),

View from Above


Richard said...

I sure hope you get a bike that fits. If you got your bike at a shop, I'm a little shocked they didn't fit you.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Hey Richard- It fits in the technical sense (I stand over it and I have an inch or two of space), but it doesn't really fit with my riding. It's really tough to get off the bike since it has a relatively higher stand over height. I was between two sizes when trying bikes at the bike shop and somehow ended up with the larger of the two sizes- I think it had something to do with bike availability. But I definitely need to find something with a better fit :)