Monday, March 28, 2011

On Camping

Finally it looks like I've cleared enough cobwebs from my gear and day-to-day life for a camping trip. I've got my bags packed for a quick get away this Friday. It won't be the longest trip into the woods- but I'm pumped to finally say good riddance to the weekend "to-do" list that needs doing every stinking weekend.

So, my old trusty EMS Tristar tent is done. We've retired it into a deep closet, because quite frankly I cannot stand to order another tent pole for this thing. Twelve (or ten?) years was a good run.

Good Morning Fire

I recently splurged on a new tent for a camping extravaganza this summer. Ta-dahhhhh. Behold the Big Agnes Copper Spur U2L

We elected to get the two person over the three person mainly due to cost ($100 more for one size up) and weight factors. The two person is a bit snug, especially because it isn't a two person plus dog tent. A little four legged friend pushing their way up to the top all night can make for a VERY snug two person tent.

Misty in Tent

So expect new posts, new pics, and new reviews. Already I can tell you that I love the weight of this tent (3 lbs. 13 oz). That means I shaved off almost three whole pounds from my previous tent!

What about you? Anybody have any spring camping trips planned?


Richard said...

I might get up to North Carolina if the economy holds and gas isn't crazy.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Do it!! Gas has been crazy lately though. Not fun. Looks like we're getting some interesting snow/rain weather this weekend....

Chris said...

Spring mountain biking trip to Colorado, and this year my 14yr old daughter switch from cabin camping to backpacking, so I sprung for a Marmot Titan 2-Person. It goes up in like 5 minutes and weighs next to nothing. Cant wait.

Nice blog, keep it up!