Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Stay Organized When Camping

I have to admit that I am the least organized person I know. I seriously need to declutter my house, my car, and my office, but one area I have to keep organized is my backpack. When I come in from a long day out on the trail- my feet are singing with pain, my legs are happy to hit the sitting position--- I really don't want to mess around with my food situation. A hungry mountain girl is definitely not a happy mountain girl. Here are some tips that seem to help me when camping:

Camping Food

  • Ziplock meals into small ziplock bags- include everything needed for that meal in that one zippy. powdered milk, bouillon, etc.
  • Ziplock all breakfasts into the "breakfast" ziplock bag (a bigger ziplocked bag) and all lunches into the "lunch" bag, etc., etc. One person can be responsible for the breakfast bag, one for the lunches, and so and so forth.
  • Keep all the camping bowls, cups, utensils, etc in one area or compartment of your backpack. This way there is no fumbling around trying to find that darned spoon.
  • Always, always, always put things back into the same spot they came from. This will help reduce cognitive demands when backpacking brain sets in :)
  • Don't underestimate the power of powdered drinks. A little powdered hot chocolate or Gatorade can make a rough day 5,000 times better. I keep an entire ziplock bag for drinks.


Anna said...

Great tips. I always find myself caught up in the moment and just stuffing everything back into my bag, and as soon as I need something, I instantly regret it!! :)

JamNSam said...

Good tips. Have you tried using tupperware? While being a little bulkier than Ziploc bags, tupperware is definitely more durable, and food won't get crushed or mushed if you are packing/unpacking in haste.