Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yoga for Athletes

I recently posted on twitter that I have actually kept a few of my New Years Resolutions for going on 40 days now. Some of these resolutions include cutting out corn syrup and added salt, which is you have checked a label in the past ten years you know that this is not easy.

YOGA! July challenge

Another resolution of mine is to have an injury-free and reduced pain year while running and biking. As I've crept into a new decade of my life a persistent hip and lower back problem definitely slows me down. Some days I cave in at fewer miles because of this pain.

My hypothesis is that with some consistent stretching and strengthening of my core/back/hip muscles through yoga I can reach this resolution. Here are some links and resources that I have found helpful.
  • Yoga for Athletes DVD- I've had this DVD for years and have used it to limber up any season. Just pick your sport (cycling, running, martial arts, rowing, walking, etc.) and picky the area you would like to target then settle in for some zen.
  • Newbie to yoga? Check out Women's Heath and Fitness Magazine's page. Here they list all the different style of yoga.
  • I recently just tried hot yoga and I am in love. Much deeper stretch.
  • Lastly Women's Adventure Magazine has a few videos (see VIBE #2 for mountain bikers & Vibe #3 for balance) dedicated to outdoor sport enthusiasts. After a good hard mountain bike ride I loooove getting a good stretch and this video seems to be a perfect match
What about you? Any other pro-yogis out there? Has it helped to reduce injury or reduce persistent aches and pains?

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