Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicks on Bikes Radio

I recently learned over at Women's Adventure Magazine about a great podcast- Chicks on Bikes. It looks to be a nice mix of culture (can you say bike literature?!), women's specific topics, and just plain 'ol ridin'. I haven't listened to a whole show yet, but I am really intrigued. Let me what you think!

Feet on Henry street

PS this 'ol bum has been riding and let me tell you- it's a hurtin'!


Anonymous said...

I will investigate. Is it on Itunes?

Betty Mountain Girl said...

I started listening right off there site, but didn't want to stay glued to the computer and ended up wandering off before I finished the show. I haven't checked itunes- hopefully it is there because that is probably the best way to listen- on your walkman ;);) I mean ipod!