Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hiking the 4,000 Footers: Cannon 6.23.2012

The last time I hiked Cannon it was the day after Thanksgiving and a significant snow had fallen the night before coating the trails with a good six inches of uncut snow. Thankfully we had brought our snowshoes because we needed them cutting the incredibly steep trail up Cannon.

We had practically reached the top when a very fit young man passed us and thanked us for breaking the trail! If only we had started an hour later!

Cannon Mountain

A few weeks ago we officially added Cannon to our list of 4,000 footers on an a blazing hot and humid day (Adam hadn't climbed Cannon before but I had). The hike is steep and rocky and busy. My three least favorite trail conditions.

Cannon Mountain

Luckily Cannon brings amazing views of the Franconia ridgeline. We took in the views while a thunderstorm blew in and had to hightail it back off the mountain. My video here shows an amazing view where you can really see that you are hiking in a cloud.

Cannon Mountain in a Cloud from Betty on Vimeo.

I'm also discovering that hiking brings out the singer in both me and Adam. It started with Mount Jackson when Adam created a version of OutKast's Ms Jackson: "I'm sorry Mount Jackson I am for realllll, never meant to make you cry..."

Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain

Unfortunately he wouldn't follow up with an encore on Cannon....But don't worry I apparently start singing when I hike...More to come!! And yes we are total geeks...

Cannon Song from Betty on Vimeo.

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