Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hiking New Hampshire's 4,000 Footers: Mount Tom 6.20.2012

It started like this- we were stay-cation bound and looking for a some cheap and easy things to do outdoors. Of course I have heard of people climbing the 4,000 footers, but it just didn't seem like my kind of deal. All that driving, car spotting, and frankly slow moving up a mountain was...sort of...not quite up my alley. I like wheels. I like speed. And hiking up all those mountains just didn't feature enough of either. I've done tons of hiking on some of the mountains on this list- but never with the goal of climbing them all.

Mountain top

So in an effort to keep life simple and vacations cheap we trekked up Mount Tom. Helpful Note to readers: I am your guinea pig. I do things the wrong way first before I figure out the right way and my advice to you is if you are planning on hiking New Hampshire's 4,000 footers is you should not "just hike Mount Tom." 

Mount Tom

No really you shouldn't. You see this mountain is smack next to not just one other 4,000 footer but two other 4,000 footers. And really I recommend if you are going to pull your little self and your little backpack up Mount Tom- why not grab Mount Willey and Mount Field while you are at it?

Are you thinking we bagged the two other peaks yet? Well we actually didn't. We weren't intending on starting the list that day and by the time we made it up Mount Tom it was close to 5 p.m. (we started late in the day).

Instead we hiked back down, sat by the campfire, enjoyed a beer and contemplated the next day's plan, which ended up including another 4,000 footer. And soon for some reason- it made sense to us to start this mission. 

And really it's changing my life. But more on that to come....

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