Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hiking the 4,000 Footers: Adams and Madison 9.29.2012

Via Airline Trail

Hiking the Mount Adams and Madison via the Airline Trail is a Bucket List must-have. It's your classic New Hampshire hike up rock-strewn, steep trails with the reward of some of the most amazing views in the Whites.

Be prepared for a few hours of silence as your breathlessness can't compete with conversation.

It will be quiet if you go during the week or maybe off season. When you hit treeline your legs will be trying to tell your mind you are almost there- but guess what?- yeah you guessed it-- you ain't even close.

Get ready for some scrambling. You know those things called mountain climbers at the gym? Well you should've done some because that is exactly what you are doing here. Throwing your legs in front of you- scrambling for a sturdy foothold.

It's awesome. It's a must-do. Prepare yourself.


Hiking Mount Adams and Madison

Hiking Mount Adams and Madison

Hiking Adams

Hiking Mount Adams and Madison

Hiking up Madison

Kings Ravine Trail

Hiking Down Madison to Adams

View from Mount Adams

On top Mount Adams

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